Muriel GUETH Frankrike Alsace

Vi startar nytt med Domaine Gueth som har en hel de nya och gamla favoriter.

Sedan vi senast körde projekt med Domain Gueth har Muriel helt tagit över verksamheten från sin far Jean Claude vilket även syns på flaskorna.

Muriel skriver:

My father Jean Claude has taken his retreat more officially . What is in good way is that my husband is helping me much more and we bring a lot of news:

Domaine GUETH is officially in organic conversion by Ecocert. It has not changed our vines and wines working we do as close as possible to nature since 1996. I have also the logo “HVE : Haute Valeur Environnementale”

My cuvées and label sign Muriel in 2 ranges Original’sace and Terre Natale.

Handplockat, icke-interventionistiskt, Fan-hyllat och med en portfölj av de klassiska Alsacedruvorna.

När Muriel lägger ut ord om att skapa hennes viner låter det så här.

My wines are a bit like my children. I raise them so that they flourish, by taking care of them, by guiding them but without ever imposing my choices on them. They are themselves, not necessarily feminine, sincere and without artifice, “good in their skin” and digestible.

In the cellar, without imposing my style, I do as little intervention as possible, I use indigenous yeasts and have modern tools for careful vinification. The wines are fruity, expressive from their first years and their aromas intensify thereafter. Discover the personality and the true character of each of our terroirs in our cuvées.

We offer them for sale when they have reached a level of expression that we deem sufficient.

Beautiful encounters await you…

Vi startar om Gueth i September 2021

Muriel Gueth har tagit över verksamheten fullt ut. Det finns numera både nya viner och mer åt det klassiska hållet.


AOC Alsace, Blandade druvor, Ej tillgänglig
AOC Alsace, 0,75l, 12%, Riesling, Vitt, Ej tillgänglig
Spumante, Torrt, AOC Crémant d'Alsace, 100% Pinot Noir, Ej tillgänglig
AOC Alsace, 0,75l, 13,5%, Sylvaner, Ej tillgänglig
AOC Crémant d'Alsace, 0,75l, 12%, 100% Pinot Blanc, Mousserande vitt, Ej tillgänglig
Wine of France, Muscat, Petnat, 5 flaskor i Lager

Förbokningsbara viner, uppskattad leverans: datum ej satt

Muriel GUETH


Vins fins d’Alsace –
3 Rue de la Source
68420 Gueberschwihr