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Vi inleder med några ord från vår initiativtagare:

Fortsätter att försöka “säkra upp” inför sommarens uteblivna Italien-semester… Har bara druckit vardera en flaska av Renato Fenocchios dolcetto och deras Langhe nebbiolo men kan inte sluta att tänka på dem. Årgången var 2016 och båda var så rena och bedårande skapelser att jag känner att jag måste återknyta bekantskapen. RF är en barbaresco-producent i Neive och gör ganska många olika sorters viner numera. Jag kommer dock att gå all in på dolcetto, LN, och testa ett par barbarescho mest för att stilla nyfikenheten.

Och Milva beskriver sin och familjens verksamhet

Few words about the farm: my husband and me are both sons of grape growers and wine makers and we raised in our families’s farms and wineries, when Renato was 24 and I was 19 we met and we decided that we wanted to marry and to produce grapes and wines without pesticides. Our families didn’t agree as it was 1990 and it was thought impossible to raise grapes without fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, so we were left alone. But we decided we wanted to have our little estate and, in 1993, we started buying land, tractors and everything that was needed to work on our own. For the first 8 years we sold all our grapes (a little quantity, indeed, as we lost some harvests, too) to other wineries and, in 2001, we started making wine with a small quantity of our grapes. We worked in the garage of a friend of ours and we made our first 1349 bottles.

In the same year and in the following ones, we went on selling grapes to other wineries for gaining some money to be reinvested in the farm and, in 2005, a small winery was built (most of the works were done by ourselves). During that period we went on buying other vineyards, some of which are very old, and so now we have vineyards for Dolcetto dAlba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Arneis and Barbaresco in 5 different crus in the Barbaresco production area, including the crus Cottà, Starderi and Basarin in Neive, Nicolini in Barbaresco and Rombone in Treiso, all of them with characters, perfumes and taste that are different from the other ones.

Nu finns populära Barbaresco Starderi 2016 i lager igen, samt några andra av deras viner.


Rött, Dolcetto d'Alba, Dolcetto, 13%, Ej tillgänglig
Rött, Barbera d’alba, Barbera, 14%, Ej tillgänglig
Rött, Langhe Rosso, 100% Nebbiolo for Barbaresco, 14%, Ej tillgänglig
Rött, Langhe Rosso, Barbera, Nebbiolo, 14%, Ej tillgänglig
Rött, Barbaresco DOCG, 100% Nebbiolo for Barbaresco, 14,5%, Ej tillgänglig
Rött, Barbaresco DOCG, 100% Nebbiolo for Barbaresco, 14,5%, Ej tillgänglig

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Renato Fenocchio


Via La Marca, 12, 12052 Neive CN, Italien

Phone: + 39 338 69 64 808