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Selva Vins is the personal project of Carlos Rodríguez Furthmann, viticulturist by profession for more than 20 years. Carlos has worked in various vineyards and wineries on the island as well as in different projects related to the world of wine. In 2015 he started what is now his personal project: Selva Vins, where Carlos can finally make his wines with complete freedom, giving expression, free from outside pressures, to his personal philosophy: to try to manipulate the wines as little as possible to achieve different expressions, more authentic, singular wines, with a unique personality and character. This tiny winery located in the unspoilt village of Selva at the foot of the mountains of the island produces artisanal wines, with minimal intervention and prioritizing the island’s native varieties.

Selva Vins has opted for native varieties, spontaneous fermentation (not using commercial yeast) and free from all additives to our wines (not acidified, no enzymes, no nutrients, etc….) only a very low dose of sulphites to ensure their arrival in optimal condition to the consumer (although some have no added sulphites, such as Ancestral).

The result is a range of wines that when they first appeared were considered somewhat (or really!) “daring”, far from “conventional” but of exceptional originality.


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15%, 100% merlot, Rosé halvsött, Ofiltrerad, Mallorca, 2 flaskor i Lager
Vitt, 100% Premsal, 11,5%, Mallorca, 1 flaskor i Lager
Claret, 12%, Premsal / Gorgollassa, Mallorca, Ofiltrerad, 1 flaskor i Lager
Vitt, 11,5%, 100% Premsal, Mallorca, Lagrat 3 mån på Kastanjefat 400L, 3 flaskor i Lager
Rött, 12%, 100% Gorgollassa, Ofiltrerad, 0,75l, Mallorca, Ej tillgänglig
Vitt Halvsött, Malvasia, 13,5%, Lagrat 3 mån på Kastanjefat 400L, 0.5l, Mallorca, Ej tillgänglig
Vitt, Malvasia, Ofiltrerad, 11%, 1 flaskor i Lager
Rött, 100% Tempranillo, 13,5%, Mallorca, 2 flaskor i Lager

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Selva Vins


Carreterra de Lluc, 47, Bajos
07313, Selva (Illes Balears)