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Kisi is a rare grape variety, which was almost extinct after the Soviet collapse. The wines are now making a powerful comeback in Georgia. Kisi grapes make a unique amber coloured wine, which is powerful in both colour and flavour. It is aromatic, with sound structure, strong tannins and balanced acidity.

Biomarani’s Kisi has crisp flavours of tea and dry fruit, with herbaceous hints. The dryness and refreshing astringency of tannins, create a long-lasting flavour. The wine has a 12,8% alcohol content, and with its powerful flavour, it is a great compliment to poultry, fish and medium-strong cheese varieties.

Nu har vi på Fanwine nöjet att dela med oss utav och presentera Biomaranis viner och detta svensk-georgiska projekt. Du kan boka deras tre främsta viner från 2016 års skörd. Med ekologiska viner och tillverkningsprocesser med anor från Georgiens 8,000 år gamla vinkultur, har Biomarani ett unikt fokus med EU certifierade ekologiska Qvevri viner från Georgien och dess främsta vindistriktet i Kakheti.