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Beskrivning av vinmakaren:</strong> Profound rubi colour. Noze, tones of dark fruits and violettes. Brisk to begin, melts easily in the mouth. At the end a satisfying spicy peppery tones. Elegant balanced wine. Rare grape variety.

Lagringspotential:Could be stored and drunk within 5 to 10 years

Om druvan Fer Wine expert Jancis Robinson describes the wines made from Fer as "interestingly perfumed" with a rhubarb aroma note. Fer has a long tradition in the southwestern wine regions of France and is possibly indigenous to the area. For centuries many of the full-bodied red wines of the many wine-producing communes often included some percentage of Fer in the blend. The grape was prized for the color and concentration it added even though viticulture and cultivation could be difficult due to its extremely hard wood stock. Though the grape developed numerous synonyms throughout the region, the "iron-like" hardness of the vine's wood gave rise to its primary name, Fer, which is also the French word for iron.[2]