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Champagne Sanger - Tango Paradoxe (Rosé)

Harmonious marriage of white wine and red wine of the Champagne region. Blended Rosé made with Blanc de blanc blended with 9 to 12% of red wine from the Champagne region made from Pinot Noir from the Vallée de la Marne, harvest 2014.  In this cuvée, the angularity of the Chardonnays blends seamlessly with the creaminess and roundness of the

Pinot Noirs, resulting in a perfect balance.

Tango Paradoxe is both dynamic and elegant. So is the interaction between these two varieties’ juxtaposing characteristics as they marry beautifully to create an audacious rosé. What a (Tango) Paradoxe! In the mouth, be ready to experience a burst of red fruit and the elegance of Chardonnay.  In the eye, we observe a raspberry and pink salmon colour, bright, brilliant. Elegant, delicate, sophisticated and charming, this champagne with notes of small red berries amazes by its ruby color.

A pleasant, expressive, fresh and fruity nose releasing subtle notes of red berries (strawberry, raspberry). In mouth, a wine fresh and balanced with aromas of red berries. Slightly spiced, with a peppery finish)  Our cuvee Tango Paradoxe will match all food from apéritif to dessert. To taste with a soup of strawberries balsamic basil/reduction, or more surprising with a soft goat cheese accompanied by a black cherry jam (the same you can pair with foie gras)