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Marco Pesce - “Caterina” - Monferrato d.o.c. rosso -nebbiolo- 2029

Tasting notes: Typical Nebbiolo color, ruby red. Spacious and complex. The sensations are floral, with notes of rose and violet also withered, wild strawberries, raspberry and cherry jam, spices, chocolate, clove, black pepper, nutmeg, clove nail.

Vinification and Aging: the selection of the grapes usually takes place between the last week of October and is done by hand as for all our grapes. The grapes are harvested on the ground and in the basement and placed in stainless steel tanks for controlled temperature fermentation and maceration on the skins. \n \n \nAging: in stainless steel. After further refinement in the bottle, the wine is ready for marketing.