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Dérot Delugny - PREMIER DU GENRE

80% Meunier

20% Chardonnay

Harvest 2017-2018

100% cuvée

50% reserve wines

MLF done

Aging 4 years

9 g/L brut

Dosage liqueur Home made

Chardonnay-based liqueur


Yellow robe / Green reflections


Notes of hazelnut to begin

/ The retro-olfaction brings

a roasted, toasted feeling

/ A milky character comes

forward with elegance

/ A complexity can be guessed

with its notes of brioche and



Greedy and unctuous

mouthfeel / Nice density and

thickness confirming the

complexity of the nose / The

dosage preserves a nice long

finish / A touch of saline to

finish, which brings a pleasant