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Forteto Pian dei Sogni Piemonte Brachetto Passito doc

To be enjoyed: By candlelight at 10 - 14°C, in tall, crystal tulip glasses. A typical red wine for meditation or with dessert. lt goes well with hazelnut tarts, walnuts, almonds, chocolate and chestnuts. Traditionally it was said, "Barbara per mange, Brachet per canté", which in Piemontese means Barbera at the table and Brachetto tor singing, but it is right tor many other things, including dreaming

Vineyard: Tendentially loose marl­limestone (Miocene-Langhiano). Hilly terrain at more than 400 metres above sea level. Vines trained using Guyot method with a density of more than 7,000 shoots per hectare. Traditional and manual cultivation. The evocative panoramic landscape gives the area its name, Pian dei Sogni or upland valley of dreams.

Production techniques: The late-harvest, raisined grapes are left to dry tor a short time betore pressing. The new wine is racked and fermented in small oak barrels tor twelve months, completing its development. The winter weather facilitates the cold-chain stabilisation. The wine is bottled in the spring of the second year after the harvest.

Characteristics: A sweet cherry red wine with garnet hues. Delicately aromatic with notes of wilting roses, strawberry jam, cherries in syrup and spice. Suitable tor aging.