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Calaiancu 2022

Region: Sicily

Production area: Noto

Classification: White wine

Variety: Grillo 90% / Catarratto 10%

Alc vol: 13.3%

Soil composition: Medium texture Chalky

Age of vines: 5 years

Training method: Head/spur bush (7,000 vines per hectare)

Height above sea level: 40 mt

Yield per hectare: 70 quintals

Agriculture: Organic, no herbicides, no treatments with chemical and/or synthetic fertilizers, pesticide treatments limited to low doses of copper and sulphur.

Wine making technique: 12 hours maceration with the skins, then drawn off and kept at room temperature, the fermentation develops naturally without inoculation of wine yeast.

Aging: Containers of stainless steel

Sulphur dioxide added before bottling aimed at 30/40 mg/l