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Brut Nature

The very high proportion of the roundest vintages of Pinot noir allows the absence of dosage and the small fraction of Chardonnay brings a touch of youth which will avoid heaviness.

The vintage

Assembly of the year and grape variety. The amount of assembled wine is twice the volume bottled, the remaining part is kept in tanks as a base to assemble the next. Thus in time, you will find the "homemade taste" perfectly reproduced that characterizes this wine.


Bouzy is a village of Grande Montagne de Reims, especially of the "Côte des Noirs (Coast of Blacks)" because stronghold of Pinot Noir.

On its slopes, vine grows on soils constituted of fragments of millstones, pebbles and sand mixed with clays of decalcification of millstones, resulting of runoff. Silts of the plate cover with a fertile coat the tops of hills, and old alluvium formed of sand, gravel and chalk pebbles.

It is well suited to the Champagne wine. Vines grown on the principle of sustainable viticulture, using organic fertilizers, natural weed and other techniques to preserve the best of nature. The old vines are no longer torn but maintained by inter-planting to preserve the diversity of genetic potential.


Picked by hand, with selective screening on the bunch. 90% Pinot Noir from the most adaptable vintages, with the roundness that avoids the need for any dosage, and 10% Chardonnay for a hint of youth that will prevent heaviness.

Aged in vats and bottles about 7 years.


Pure, potent, it is definitely a wine for the enlightened amateur. It is drunk on a clean palate, before the meal. Itbrings out the marine flavours of seafood and shellfish