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Blanc de Blancs

Only Chardonnay, blend of vintages.

The blended quantity of wine represents the double of the bottled volume. The remaining part is kept in vat to be the base for the next year blend.

That is why year after year you will find back this taste perfectly reproduced which characterises this cuvée.


Bouzy (Grand Cru of « Montagne de Reims ») and Brasles (« Vallée de la Marne »)


Bouzy is a village of "Grande Montagne de Reims", especially of the "Côte des Noirs" because stronghold of Pinot Noir with a subsoil of full chalk and a clayey-limestone soil.

Brasles is a highly sloping hill overlooking the Marne river, with harder limestone subsoils and clay-loam soils.

On these slopes, vine grows on soils composed by fragments of millstones, pebbles and sand mixed with clays of decalcification of millstones, resulting of erosion.

In the vineyard

Vines grown on the principle of sustainable viticulture, using organic fertilizers, natural weed and other techniques to preserve the best of nature.

The old vines are no longer torn but maintained by inter-planting to preserve the diversity of genetic potential.


Traditional pressing, the juices are divided in 4 or 5 fractions.

Differentiation of the young and old vine, fermentation thermoregulation to 18°C, conservation on fermentation lees, Malolactic degradation wanted.

Reserve in vat and bottles about 7 years

Dosage 6 g/l.