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Derot Delugny - HORS PAIR - Blanc de Blancs

100% Chardonnay Harvest 2018-2019

80% cuvée 20% tailles 50% reserve wines

MLF done

Aging 3 years

7 g/L brut


The white flowers awaken the senses / Lime blossom

mint, and green tea announce a register of unparalleled delicacy / Freshness, and elegance carried by biscuity notes / Great aromatic purity.


The grip in the mouth offers a point of comparison with the aroma by its purity / The green citrus and ginger gradually flow / The salinity provides an energetic finish, which draws attention.

Food pairing

As suitable before as during the meal, this cuvée ikes to unveil its several facets in food-wine pairing:

Shellfish -to savor its salinity

St Jacques carpaccio -to appreciate its freshness

White fruit tart - to play on the roundness

Pear crumble - to bring richness