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Springer - ROUČÍ PINOT NOIR 2020


Grapes originate from our Záhřebenské vineyard, where we planted clone 777 we've brought from France. We consider this 777 as one of the best in the world. Vineyard Záhřebenské is one of the oldest tracks mapped already in 1621. Floury soil of clay and sand with lime and sand stone below and micro-climated bestow a special character to the wine. We harvest top wines here, however the high quality goes hand in hand with small crops.

Organically grown since 2007, demanding, but great for the grapes, nature and people.

Aged in barriques Francois Freres and bottled in thick-walled bottles with high quality cork. Nonfiltered, not clarified.




Garnet colour, rich, full, fragrant, pure and elegant wine. Taste of wild strawberries with long lasting finish encourages another sip. We recommend to open the bottle and drink it a glass each day, while it will develop and improve thoughout the week.


This wine is natural, vibrant and true



From Beaune, the heart of Burgundy, we received a nice comment...."We tried it and it was just great like a strawberry compote."

Now available in famous restaurant Steirereck Vienna, and lately we proudly sold this wine to Seoul.


PINOT NOIR is one of the oldest cultivated varieties. In our country since the 14th century. A distinctive feature is elegance. Typical colour of Pinot Noir is light garnet, brick red with a golden border. In the mouth, it gives a lighter, medium-full impression. Young wines have refreshing acidity and mostly lower tannins. In taste there are cherries, strawberries, raspberries, later plums, roses, delicate spices. By maturing, the wine becomes rounded and stands out for its delicacy and uniqueness. For these qualities, it is loved by its customers and creates one of the most valuable and expensive wines in the world. Pinot Noir doesn't fit into too warm souther wine regions for it likes cold nights and warm sunny days during the ripening of grapes, so that its best character can stand out. And our vineyards provide perfect conditions.