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Terrasses du Larzac – Nuit grave 2021

A blended wine, with a majority of Syrah, Grenache and a little Mourvèdre. This wine has a beautiful complexity with smooth tannins, a delicious and fresh wine. It is a wine to keep (8 to 10 years without fear) while being accessible in its youth, to be accompanied throughout its evolution over time. (8 to 10 years without fear, to have the benefit of aging we advise you to take the wines again after their 6th anniversary)

Yield: 30hl/ha (age of vines: 15 to 60 years)

Harvest: manual

Vinification: The grapes are destemmed, vinified in cement vats with some gentle pumping over and punching down in order to best accompany the vintage in its vinification process using native yeasts specific to their environment and their terroir. The process remains simple with no inputs apart from a little sulphites before mixing.

Vatting and maceration: 5 weeks for Syrah to 8 weeks for others.

Aging: in 400L, 500 and 600L barrels, from more than 3 wines to 10 wines for 12 months.

The wine is then assembled at the beginning of the year to be bottled at the end of April for a small part, in June and September for the rest.