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Pommard Village (2020)

"Pommard: The Quintessence of Beaune’s Finest"

Nestled just 3 km south of Beaune, Pommard has been revered since the Middle Ages as "the flower of Beaunois wines." The Pommard Village wine is a masterful blend from four distinct parcels: La Vache, on the central slope with steep inclines; Les Vaumuriens, near Volnay above Rugiens; Les Vignots, on the right hillside facing Beaune; and La Croix Planet, at the village's lower end, between the Grands Crus road and the national highway.

These parcels are cultivated with organic and biodynamic methods, ensuring no chemical inputs, while fostering soil vitality and microbial activity through careful soil management and winter grassing.

The winemaking process is conscientiously minimal, with manual harvesting and meticulous sorting. Depending on the vintage, grapes are 50 to 80% destemmed. The fermentation is slow, taking 20 days using indigenous yeasts in concrete vats, with daily pumping over to develop the color and aromas naturally. The wine undergoes pneumatic pressing and is aged in barrels (5 to 10% new) for 15 months without racking, and it is neither filtered nor fined, with minimal sulfite addition.

This Pinot Noir, with its red hue, comes from a combined area of 0.94 hectares spread across its four parcels. The vineyards are situated at various altitudes (270m, 330m, 353-62m), mainly facing north and east. The plantations date back to as early as 1929, with the most recent in 1997, all maintained at a vine density of 10,000 vines per hectare and yielding 36 to 40 hectoliters per hectare. The wine can be aged for 5 to 10 years.

Produced by Clos du Moulin Aux Moines, this Pommard wine encapsulates the rich legacy and distinct terroir of the Côte d'Or, France, promising a sophisticated and authentically Burgundian experience.