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Beaune 1er Cru « Les Cent Vignes » (2019)

The Beaune Premier Cru Les Cent Vignes is a red wine that radiates the historical richness and vinicultural excellence of Beaune, home to one of the most expansive vineyards in the Côte. Celebrated since the High Middle Ages, the Pinot Noir from this region is famed for its youthful vigor, fiery spirit, and aromatic bouquet.

Nestled at the foot of the Montagne de Beaune, this climat enjoys a gentle slope with a highly filtrating argilo-calcareous soil. The 0.24-hectare parcel, planted in 1992, is cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods, ensuring no chemical inputs, and enhancing soil vitality and microbial activity.

In the cellar, the approach is deliberately non-interventionist. The grapes undergo manual harvesting and meticulous sorting, followed by a slow fermentation process of 18 to 22 days using indigenous yeasts in wooden vats. Daily pumping over aids in the natural development of color and aromas during alcoholic fermentation. The wine is aged in barrels (with no new wood) for 14 months without racking and is neither filtered nor fined, with minimal sulfite addition.

With its south/southeast exposure at an altitude of 230 meters, the vineyard maintains a density of 10,000 vines per hectare, yielding 30 to 35 hectoliters per hectare. This wine, with its deep red hue and Pinot Noir varietal, has an aging potential of 5 to 9 years.

Produced by Clos du Moulin Aux Moines, the Beaune Premier Cru Les Cent Vignes is not just a wine but a celebration of Beaune's legendary viticultural heritage, offering a sophisticated and truly Burgundian experience.