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2021 Ungstein Spätburgunder „SP“*

The 2021 Spätburgunder "SP" dry wine from Weingut Pfeffingen, crafted by the Eymael family in Bad Dürkheim, Pfalz, is a true expression of Pinot Noir, known as the diva among red wine varieties. This wine originates from the Ungstein vineyard, where the vines thrive on deep loamy soils rich in limestone, akin to the renowned soils of Burgundy, ensuring optimal nourishment and imparting exceptional character and finesse to the wine.In the winemaking process, only fully ripe, hand-selected grapes are used, fermented on the skins and gently pressed after a two-week maceration period. The wine then undergoes malolactic fermentation and is aged for approximately 18 months in French and Austrian oak barrique barrels, enhancing its natural cherry fruit flavors while adding complexity and density to its character.This Spätburgunder "SP" wine is best enjoyed slightly chilled at a serving temperature of 14-16°C. It pairs exquisitely with game dishes like venison and wild boar paté, braised beef, lamb, and various cheeses.

With an alcohol content of 13.5% Vol., acidity of 5.0 g/l, and residual sugar of 0.2 g/l, this wine has a remarkable aging potential, recommended to be aged until at least 2041. To fully appreciate its nuances, it is advised to open the wine an hour before serving and, if possible, use a decanter to allow it to breathe and reveal its full complexity.