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Guilera Guilera 2018

The Brut Nature Gran Reserva from Cava Guilera is an eco-friendly, Brut Nature Gran Reserva cava that showcases the winery's commitment to traditional methods and sustainable practices. This cava is a testament to the winery's expertise and dedication to producing high-quality sparkling wines. Below is a detailed overview of its characteristics, accolades, and unique aspects:

Technical Details

Type: Brut Nature Gran Reserva

Sugar: Brut Nature, indicating no sugar is added after the second fermentation.

Aging Category: Gran Reserva, aged for more than 60 months, which is well above the minimum requirement for Gran Reserva classification.

Grape Varieties: A traditional blend of Xarel·lo, Macabeo, and Parellada.

Alcohol Content: 12% vol.

Volume: 75 cl.

Designation: DO CAVA

Storage Temperature: Below 18°C

Recommended Serving Temperature: 6 – 8°C

Tasting Notes

This cava is described as the winery's first Gran Reserva and a classic offering. It features a fine and integrated bubble, mature fruit, toasted notes, and a long aftertaste. It is a full-bodied, elegant, and deeply gastronomic cava that pairs well with a wide variety of foods, including meats, fish, rice, and vegetables, making it one of the winery's most iconic cavas.Sustainability and Production

Circular Bioeconomy: The winery uses ecological materials from the cava vineyards, including traditional grapes, Penedès 29 yeasts, and MCRE must. The focus is on the natural expression of the grape and time, without the use of barrel aging or special house liqueurs.


Premis Vinari 2018: This particular cava (harvest 2009) was awarded the title of the best cava and sparkling wine in Catalonia. Following this significant recognition, the winery decided not to enter it into further competitions.

Packaging and Design

Dress Code: The packaging features inclusive eco-design elements and artwork by Sonia Ciriza and Miguel Ayesa.

Bottle: Sustainable Veralia bottle weighing 835 grams.

Cork: 100% biodegradable natural cork.

Capsule: Ecological Vintacap Absolute Green Line capsule.

Packaging: Made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

Inclusive Braille Label: The label includes braille, making it accessible and offering a sensory and artistic experience. The inclusive braille was invented in 2013 by designers Sonia Ciriza and Miguel Ayesa and received the Worldstar Packaging Award (WPO) in 2016.


The Brut Nature Gran Reserva is a homage to the second generation of the Guilera family, Pere Guilera and Maria Massana. It celebrates their legacy and the winery's ability to overcome challenges and celebrate achievements. The cava symbolizes a tribute to the grandparents, who were instrumental in cultivating grapes, peaches, and cereals, and in making cava. It embodies the spirit of resilience and celebration, honoring the family's journey and contributions to the winery's success.This cava represents a blend of tradition, quality, and sustainability, making it a distinguished choice for those seeking a premium, eco-conscious sparkling wine with a rich history and a deep connection to the land and its people.