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Guilera Red Xarel·la 2015

The Guilera Red Xarel·la 2015 is a Brut Gran Reserva cava from Cava Guilera. This cava is a monovarietal, made exclusively from the Xarel·lo grape variety, and reflects the winery's dedication to showcasing the unique characteristics of local grapes. Below is a detailed overview of its features, awards, and tasting notes:

Technical Details

Type: Brut Gran Reserva

Sugar: Brut, with 8 grams of sugar per liter.

Aging Category: Gran Reserva, aged for more than 96 months, which is significantly longer than the minimum aging requirement for Gran Reserva cavas.

Grape Varieties: 100% Xarel·lo, a monovarietal that highlights the singular qualities of this indigenous grape.

Alcohol Content: 12% vol.

Volume: 75 cl.

Designation: DO CAVA

Storage Temperature: Below 18°C

Recommended Serving Temperature: 6 – 8°C


The Guilera Red Xarel·la has been recognized in various wine competitions, demonstrating its quality:Premis Vinari 2022: Silver for Old Reserves (2014 vintage)

Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) 2021: Silver and 92 points (2014 vintage)

Premis Vinari 2020: Silver for Old Reserves (2014 vintage)

Decanter DWWA 2019: Silver and 90 points (2014 vintage)

International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2019: Bronze and 86 points (2014 vintage)

Tasting Notes

The Red Xarel·la is described as a cava that is affectionate and fruity, with a fine and playful bubble, fruity aromas and flavors, and a slightly candied palate. It is a versatile, modern, elegant, and refreshing cava, perfect for enjoying by the glass on a sunny terrace, with a stylish appetizer, or a flavorful meal.Sustainability and Production

Circular Bioeconomy: The winery uses ecological materials from the cava vineyards, including traditional grapes, Penedès 29 yeasts, and MCRE must. The focus is on the natural expression of the grape and time, without the use of barrel aging or special house liqueurs.

Packaging and Design

Bottle: The cava is presented in a sustainable Veralia bottle weighing 835 grams.

Cork: Made from 100% biodegradable natural cork.

Capsule: Features an ecological Vintacap Absolute Green Line capsule.

Label Illustration: Artwork by El Dimitry from Palencia.

Packaging: Made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

Tribute and Philosophy

The Guilera Red Xarel·la is part of "Las Fabulosas Xarel·las," a tribute to women and the Xarel·lo grape. This series celebrates the prosperity of Cava and the Penedès region by emphasizing the uniqueness of the Xarel·lo grape and the Mediterranean landscape. The Fabulous Xarel·las are depicted as nymphs of cava who enjoy socializing and promoting cava culture, embodying the philosophy of self-happiness and companionship.The series celebrates diversity and the beauty of mother nature, creating a synergistic bond with people who are complex, vulnerable, and beautiful. It also emphasizes the importance of culture and inspiring spaces as meeting points for relaxation and expanded understanding, through dance, music, theater, and cinema.The Guilera Red Xarel·la 2015 is a reflection of Cava Guilera's commitment to quality, sustainability, and the celebration of local heritage, offering a unique and enjoyable cava experience.