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Guilera Magnum AGOSARAT 2007

Format: Magnum (1.5L)

Vintage: 2007

This distinguished Gran Reserva Cava from Pened├Ęs, Barcelona, is ideal for special celebrations. The 2007 vintage, presented in a magnum bottle, offers:Tasting Notes: Elegant and mature with a bright golden hue. Aromas of dry nuts, faded flowers, and subtle lees reduction. The palate is rich with fine bubbles and a balanced finish.

Food Pairings:Cheeses: Manchego, Parmesan, Brie

Seafood: Pizza marinara with shrimp, mussels, and calamari

Poultry: Chargrilled chicken dishes

Highlights: Long-aged for complexity, organic certification, and limited production, making it a rare and exquisite choice for connoisseurs.