Barnaut Authentique Rosé – Grand Cru
Rosé Champagne, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: Ej tillgänglig
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"To be served only with a meal which it will accompany all the way through. It can even be ventured with a cheese board of strong tasting cheeses." TEKNISKT SPEC

How it is produced: Picked by hand, with selective screening on the bunch. It is "Authentic" as its base is composed of wine derived from maceration, either from Bouzy Rouge “saignée” (bleeding to improve the liquid/solid ratio), or from the maceration of years when the Champagne slopes were not worked (unlike the Rosés blended from a white base tinted with a red Champagne wine). This Pinot Noir base is completed with 10% to 15% of very lively Chardonnay, in order to give it finesse and lasting properties. Stock in vats and cellars: 3years. Dosage: 6 grams per litre.


Produkttyp: Rosé Champagne
Volume: 0,75l
Druva: Pinot noir : 85% Chardonnay : 15%
Dosage: 6gram/l

Leverantör: Barnaut Bouzy