Rött, Tillgängligt: Ej tillgänglig
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Producentens beskrivning av vinet: This wine can be considered a "meditation" wine, as it is high alcohol content and its large body they make it a wine that "makes you think". It is excellent to serve with great dishesstructure, such as red meat of all kinds and game. Wine of great importance andelegance, it lends itself well to great occasions,important lunches and dinners and various events. We recommend serving this wine in glasseswide, like "balon", to allow an adequate oneoxygenation, which will allow the fragranceand the pleasure of getting rid of their maximum intensity and elegance, and of being so appreciated at best.


Temperature: 27 - 28 ° C
Duration: from 7 to 10 days
Malolactic: Turning in a Steel Tank
Aging: in wooden barrels
Age of Barrels: New Barrel
Type of Barrels: Classic round wooden barrel, size 15 Ett
Wood Type: French Oak
Tostaura Level: Medium
Percentage of New Barrels: 100%
Wood Time: 12 months

The grapes are harvested by hand and de-stemmed with a special de-stemming machine; the latter separates the stalk from the berries and then crushes the destemmed grapes by letting the must come out.

The de-stemmed crushed grapes are then pumped into the special fermentation steel tanks (Fermentini); in these tanks we proceed with the addition of selected yeasts and with the subsequent start of the alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature, which will last until the depletion of fermentable sugars. In this phase, frequent repassing operations are carried out (this operation consists in wetting the floating skins on the fermenting must with the same must taken from the bottom of the tank using a special pump) and delestage (transferring a part of must into fermentation and putting it into the tank from the top , wetting the floating peels).

At the end of fermentation - maceration, the wine is separated from the skins (racking operation) and the latter pressed and sent to the distillery. The wine obtained is decanted after 7 days from the end of the alcoholic fermentation, separated from the lees (fermentation residues) and heated to 20 ° C for the start of the Malolactic fermentation (transformation of the Malic acid into lactic acid), a fundamental phase for the microbiological stability and to achieve a good level of gustatory softness.

At the end of this fermentation, we proceed with the second decanting of cleaning. The wine remains in a stainless steel tank until the beginning of March, when the milder spring temperatures allow decanting in wooden barrels and the beginning of the aging period.

Vineyard: Land: Medium Impasto, with a good supply of clay, silt and silicates of iron and aluminum. Low endowment of Limestone.
Exposure: South
Agricultural method: Spontaneous grassing, with 2 mowing of the grass during the springsummer season and a tillage (rip-off with 3-tooth ripper) at 30-40 cm depth, carried out in autumn. Limited use of anticryptogamics and total elimination of the practice of chemical weeding.
A slight thinning is also practiced to eliminate any tangles of clusters that would prevent their correct ripening.


Druva: 100% Barbera
Produkttyp: Rött
Alkoholhalt: 14,5%
Jästsort: Tillsatta utvalda jästsorter
Lagringsmetod: 12 månader ny fransk ek
Syra g/l: 6 g/l

Leverantör: Ghiga