Controvento – Onda Anomala – 2021 *Ny’
Rosé, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: 12 flaskor i Lager
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Vinmakare, Vincenzo Di Meo: "This wine is produced thanks to the land rich in stones and its exposure, to the sun, to the sea breeze, and to the meticulous work of man, 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. All of the grapes are hand-harvested from a 20 year old vineyard site, comprised of clay and shale soil. Once harvested, the grapes are directly pressed into steel tanks, fermented using native yeasts, and aged for 2 months. No filtering, no fining, no addition of sulphur. Medium bodied, Friday night crusher. Strong burst of berries with a nice bit of bitterness, strawberry sorbet, navel oranges, and a soft vanilla finish. Lightly effervescent"


Region - Land: Abruzzo - Italien
Produkttyp: Rosé
Alkoholhalt: 12,5%
Druva: 100% Montepuliciano
Volume: 0,75l

Leverantör: Allégresse