Hahnmühle – 2017 Riesling “Ebernburger Schlossberg” (1836)
Vitt, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: Ej tillgänglig
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Hahnmühles own words:
A highly individual grown on porphyry
Riesling with lots of character, precise minerality and a fine acid structure ensure a great Suspense; juicy yellow fruit, accompanied of fresh fruity notes, salty finish, terroir dominated


Produkttyp: Vitt
Druva: 100% Riesling
Volume: 0,75l
Alkoholhalt: 12,5%
Residual Sugar: 4,8 g/l
Syra g/l: 6 g/l

Leverantör: Hahnmühle