I Vigneri – Aurora Bianco Superiore 2021
Torrt vitt, Tillgängligt: Bokningsbar

18 flaskor bokade

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AURORA, which also means dawn in Italian, here on Mt. Etna is the name of a small and graceful, native butterfly (painted on the label), currently at risk of extinction. All work in the vineyard is done by hand using natural products. Biotechnology and systemic methods are not used in winemaking. Transfer and bottling are carried out according to the phases of the moon. Contrada:  Caselle in the municipality of Milo – Eastern Etna at 750 m above sea level


Druva: Carricante 90%, Minnella Bianca 10%
Produkttyp: Torrt vitt
Total Acidity: 7 g/l
Lagringsmetod: 6 mån ståltank

Leverantör: I Vigneri