Insolente – frizzante 2018 rm3 MAGNUM
Vino frizzante, 1,5l, Tillgängligt: Ej tillgänglig
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cultivation: according to the principles of biodynamic philosophy.
seasonal trend: regular vintage until harvest, grapes that have reached an excellent level maturation, mild climate during fermentation
harvest: by hand in 15 kg. crates at mid August.
vinification: destemming of the bunches and soft pressing, spontaneous fermentation of 12 days at room temperature in cement tanks, racking and resting on the fine lees until May, bottling with addition of recioto must of garganega for second fermentation .
bottles produced: 2100 bottle sizes: 0.75 - 1.5 l packaging: 12 bottles of 0.75 l


Produkttyp: Vino frizzante
Volume: 1,5l
Alkoholhalt: 10,6
Information: residual sugars: 0.6 g /l, dry extract: 17.0 g /l, total acidity: 4.57 g /, total sulfites: 1.3 mg /l,free sulfites: <1 mg /l
Type of soil: soil of volcanic origin with a medium clayey consistency
Vineyard age: 70 years
VIngårdshöjd: 100 m above sea level

Leverantör: Insolente Wines