Jean Louis Tribouley – Marceau 2018
Vitt, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: Ej tillgänglig
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The terroir: arid and very stony, often shallow, it is made for third of schist and two third of gneiss mixed with granite.

The grape varieties: 100% macabeu   Vine of 60 years on average.

Production: No weedkiller is used, depending on their situations and slopes, the vines are plowed with a tractor, a chaser, a horse, picked or mowed with a brush cutter. A rigorous sorting is done at the harvest carried out in a 13 kg box.

We use little or no SO2, the wines are not fined, we do not practice not tartaric precipitation, nor pasteurization or other oenological gestures now common but "traumatic" for wine. In order to preserve all of the natural flavors, only wide mesh filtration is carried out. Vinification: traditional and without yeasting, the grapes are pressed after being cooled to 18 ° C. The fermentation takes place for half in tanks and half in barrels of 3 wines, over a period of approximately 3 months. Malolactic fermentations are sought.

Aging: half vats and half barrels of 3 and 4 wines for 12 months.


Druva: 100% Macabeu
Alkoholhalt: 13%
Produkttyp: Vitt
Volume: 0,75l
Jästsort: Vilda jäststammar