Poderi Cellario -2 LT ROSSO VASCA 2
Vin, 2ll, Tillgängligt: 1 flaskor i Lager
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It is the old peasant wine that was conceived as a food. It comes from very old vines, 50 or 60 years old, when the vineyards were planted with different grapes to look for a soft and fun wine. Mostly Dolcetto, but also Freisa and some vines of San Giovese and Tintoir. The pressing is done only for 50% of the grapes to favor the development of indigenous yeasts, the other part is only shelled to simulate the old system of foot pressing. The wine ages in outdoor concrete tanks outside the cellar so that the winter cold gives it greater clarity. Unfiltered wine.


Produkttyp: Vin
Druva: Dolcetto,Freisa, Sangiovese etc
Volume: 2ll
Alkoholhalt: 11%

Leverantör: Poderi Cellario