Poderi Cellario – IL GIOVANOTTO – 1 Litre
Rött, 1l, Tillgängligt: Ej tillgänglig

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It is the new wine of the past, it is produced with half-pressed and half-whole grapes, simulating the ancient system of pressing on foot. After three successive decantings it is bottled on the waning moon. Young and fragrant wine. Unfiltered wine.

Fermented spontaneously using low-intervention - Sulphites: Low sulphites - 20 mg/L
- Fining (clarification): Unfined
- Filtering: Unfiltered
- Suitable for Vegans and vegetarians -
- Residual sugar: < 1 g/L


Produkttyp: Rött
Druva: Brachetto
Volume: 1l
Alkoholhalt: 12,5%

Leverantör: Poderi Cellario