Poggi al Bosco 2017
Vitt, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: Bokningsbar

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The Albarola grapes, once they arrive in the cellar, are de-stemmed and then by fall they go into open steel vats where fermentation begins spontaneously. Then, for several days, the hat is punched and bathed. As in any maceration fermentation, the time of racking is decided based on the characteristics of the vintage and in any case generally lasts from eight to fifteen days. After decanting at the end of fermentation, the wine matures for at least a year in stoneware jars, until bottling.

About the grape
Albarola is an important grape of our territory and of our tradition, unfortunately in recent years forgotten perhaps because of the success of Vermentino. It is a grape found only in our land of Lunigiana, from the Cinque Terre to the neighboring Tuscany. It is a little aromatic grape, mostly of delicate peel and tight berries. In Santa Caterina we found, in the old vineyards, a biotype that differs from the more commonly spread Albarola, which has a more consistent skin and a less tight cluster, and we worked on its propagation. From our experience, the Albarola finds its best expression through fermentation maceration, where its slight aromatic note is charged with unexpected scents, recalling fruits and aromatic herbs.


Produkttyp: Vitt
Volume: 0,75l
Region: Liguria di Levante IGT
Druva: Albarola
Jästsort: Vilda jäststammar
Lagringsmetod: maceration sen lerkrus

Leverantör: Santa Caterina