MAGNUM – Renato Fenocchio – Barbaresco Rombone 2018
Rött, 1,5l, Tillgängligt: Bokningsbar

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VINEYARD: The vineyards whose grapes are used for this wine were owned by Renato’s grandfather, who gave one of them to each of his three daughters. We bought all the three vineyards and they are a single vineyard, again, in the cru Rombone in Treiso, exposed to west. VINES: 100% Nebbiolo for Barbaresco planted in 1997 Average yeld per hectare: 6500 kgs SOIL TYPE: alternating sandstones, layers of sands and grey marls WAY OF PRODUCTION: Vinification “in red” with maceration of the skins (10-12 days) under controlled temperature; after it the wine was kept in a 3000-litre, lightly-toasted Slavonian barrel for 12 months, depending on the vintage. After it, the bottling and one year and more of bottle aging . To this point the wine is already very nice, but it will better and better for the upcoming 2-3 years. Organoleptic characteristics: Rombone is a land with features that make the wines more structured than the most of the Barbaresco and so Rombone nebbiolo is similar to some Barolo. It has the typical red-garnet red with orange tones. The scent is elegant and clean, ethereal; this wine is characterized by a full and harmonic dry taste and by a sweet and round tannin, and it can be appreciated at its best after several months of bottle aging. FEATURES: The Nebbiolo is a garnet- red light coloured wine, with scents that are fresh and delicate as well as the taste is dry and important. JOININGS: roasted meats and game, first dishes of egg-pasta *As the estate has been growing, the family have, too: the label of the Rombone Barbaresco is taken by a painting of Rama, Elena’s boyfriend, painter in Northern Italy


Produkttyp: Rött
Klassificering: Barbaresco DOCG
Druva: 100% Nebbiolo for Barbaresco
Volume: 1,5l
Alkoholhalt: 14,5%

Leverantör: Renato Fenocchio