Renato Fenocchio – Dolcetto d’Alba 2020
Rött, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: Bokningsbar

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VINEYARD: Vineyards on hills, in the boroughs of Barbaresco and Treiso. WAY OF PRODUCTION: The grapes, pressed on the same day of the harvest, remain in contact with the skins for 8\10 days. This wine is kept in stainless steel tanks as to maintain its fragrance and the typical scent. FEATURES: The Dolcetto is a rubin-red coloured wine, fruit scented and with intense, rich and lightly bitter taste. It is ready from the Summer after the vintage thanks to its right tannic feature and acidity. PAIRING: Warm hour d’oeuvre and first dishes; this wine can be nicely tasted with all dishes, because of its structure and fullness. AGEING: since this Dolcetto has a strong structure, I prefer to sell it a year after the vintage. If well kept it will maintain its features for three years or more.


Produkttyp: Rött
Klassificering: Dolcetto d'Alba
Druva: Dolcetto
Volume: 0,75l
Alkoholhalt: 13%

Leverantör: Renato Fenocchio