Santa Caterina – Poggi Alti 2018
Vitt, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: Ej tillgänglig
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Vermentino Poggi Alti is the Vermentino maceration vinification. In this case the grapes, once they arrive in the cellar, are de-stemmed and then by fall they go into open steel vats where fermentation begins spontaneously. The plunging and wetting of the cap follows for several days. Then, as in any maceration fermentation, the time of racking is decided based on the characteristics of the vintage and in any case generally lasts from eight to fifteen days. After the end fermentation racking, the wine remains on the fine lees until bottling, partly in steel and partly in stoneware jars.

About the grape and location
Vermentino is the grape of choice of our territory, for the Poggi Alti the grapes are grown at Collina di Santa Caterina with clayey soil of alluvial origin characterized by a red color. The wine obtained is generally soft, delicate and saline. If the plant is indulged in its growth in a natural way, the wine will express a rich minerality and a richness of fermentative aromas. The condition for expressing this richness, in addition to the decisive proximity to the sea, is that the harvest takes place in full ripeness, when the grapes become crunchy and take on a golden color.


Produkttyp: Vitt
Volume: 0,75l
Region: Liguria di Levante IGT
Druva: 100% Vermentino
Jästsort: Vilda jäststammar

Leverantör: Santa Caterina