Sons of Wine – Pinot Escobar – 2018
Rött, 0,75l, Tillgängligt: 1 flaskor i Lager
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Vimakare: Farid Yahimi "It's an interesting Pinot Noir. Light funky and fruity, a lean, easy going Pinot Noir on the wild side, served it slightly chilled on the hottest summer days and the success will be yours. But reduction is not too much. Mainly strawberry and blackberries with some honey and pepper spices. Little bit sweet, little bit jammy. Tannins is low and color is little opaque ruby red. Ilegal !!"


Region - Land: Alsace - Frankrike
Produkttyp: Rött
Alkoholhalt: 12,5%
Druva: 100% Pinot Noir
Volume: 0,75l

Leverantör: Allégresse