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Fanwine would like to help discover the world of wine. We will highlight the producers and wine fans.It is you as a wine fan who wants the producers we bring home! We do the hard work. You discover the world of wine and enjoy the wines. We created Fanwine because we ourselves lacked a service where we could request and get hold of any wine from any producer. Fanwine was created based on the joy of getting hold of the wine you've been waiting for. By joining together and buying in lots, the producer is happy and fanwine can slim down the handling, enabling a good final price. You can put together your own favorite mixbox from a manufacturer. You pay nothing when you order, only if the deal goes through. We, who stand behind Fanwine, have extensive experience in developing technology and operations. We also developed YRDN, which is Fanwine's base platform and contains 50,000 producers. Via YRDN you can get inspiration for future Fanwine projects or plan and book wine experiences for your next trip. Fanwine's activities are based in Dragør outside Copenhagen, this location was chosen because it opens up the wine market in both Denmark and Sweden. We comply with the European law* on distance selling, which means that we can sell to Swedish and Danish customers, provided that we pay Swedish alcohol tax and VAT when we sell to Swedish customers and the same when we sell to Danish customers.